Shielded Chassis for STICK-ON module



The STS-RF1 is an aluminum chassis for mounting one STICK-ON module. The chassis provides shielding to suppress radio frequency interference. External audio, power supply or control signals are each connected to the STICK-ON module through a specialized radio frequency suppression filter. External wiring connects to a detachable terminal block. Cable shields are connected to a large grounding screw above the terminal block. The cover is equipped with tabs to securely mount the chassis to any flat surface.

The STS-RF1 is recommended for use in installations where excessive rf interference levels are anticipated from sources such as WIFI transmitters.


Compatibility:All STICK-ON modules except STICK-ON power amplifiers
Dimensions:5.64”W (14.33 cm) x 4.38”D (11.13 cm) x 1.59”H (4.04 cm)
Package Type:Cardboard Box
Shipping Weight:
Tariff Code:8543.70.9860

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